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"We must accept that the roles of health care provider and patient have evolved over the last few years. Whereas the traditional model of care adopted a more paternalistic approach on the part of the health care professional, the role of the patient has changed to a more active one. Indeed, doctors today are continually greeted with patients who have downloaded Internet-based information or consulted so-called experts via email or social media on their health. Engaging patients intelligently in managing their conditions has been shown to improve clinical outcomes. Indeed, the health care systems of the future will be partnered with patients as coproducers of health, with each party actively involved in charting the patient journey towards achieving a healthy state. Moreover, as medicine continues to evolve, a greater repertoire of treatments and technologies will be offered for complex conditions and providing patients with tools to help in shared decision-making will be crucial to good outcomes".

The 7-Step MSability

                       Recovery Program
   A positive, evidence-based lifestyle approach to managing

 Neurodegenerative Diseases

Step 1: Dietary Recommendations

Step 2: Exercise

Step 3: Food Supplements

Step 4: Strategic Life Plan

Step 5: Meditation & Other complementary therapies

Step 6: Medication

Step 7: Prevention in Family Members   


"A serious commitment to optimizing patients' contributions to safe care requires a research-based understanding of patients' perspectives and more practical facilitation of patient involvement"​.

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