Professional Summary

Dr. Vasiliki S. Garopoulou is a Professor of Special-Adapted Physical Education & Sport Science and a Scientific Counselor of Neurorehabilitation and Medical Exercise. She holds two Postgraduate Diplomas on "Multiple Sclerosis" from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (A.U.Th)  with scholarships for her excellent performance. She has also been awarded a doctoral degree with full scholarship in the Laboratory of Developmental Medicine and Special Needs Education in collaboration with the 2nd Neurology Dept. of AHEPA University General Hospital of the A.U.Th Medical School. She completed her first post-doctoral degree at the A.U.Th Medical School in the field of Neurosciences and her second post-doctoral research as a full scholarship researcher with the State Scholarships Foundation (IKY) and P.D. thesis: Neurorehabilitation & Therapeutic Exercise in Multiple Sclerosis. She is currently working on her third post-doctoral degree at the A.U.Th Medical School. She has participated as a scientific associate in research programs, implemented by the A.U.Th Medical School while at the same time she serves as scientific collaborator at the 1st Neurology Dept. of AHEPA University General Hospital and Scientific Collaborator at the Greek Association of Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders (Alzheimer Hellas). She has presented her research work at numerous scientific conferences, training seminars and academic and clinical events, and has publications in Greek and international peer-reviewed journals. She has been a Physical Education Specialist and she has served as a Special-Adapted Physical Education teacher both in 1st and 2nd grade Special Education Public Schools and also in the post-graduate training of Public IEK since 2004. She has been innovating as Head of Scientific Planning of Rehabilitation and Exercise programs for PwD at the A.U.Th University Gym. Finally, she has been an active board member and ambassador of GMSS to the European Multiple Sclerosis Platform (EMSP) since 2005 in matters of rehabilitation.

Η Δρ. Βασιλική Σ. Γαροπούλου είναι Καθηγήτρια Επιστήμης Προσαρμοσμένης – Ειδικής Φυσικής Αγωγής & Αθλητισμού καθώς και Επιστημονική σύμβουλος νευροαποκατάστασης - θεραπευτικής άσκησης. Είναι κάτοχος δύο Μεταπτυχιακών Διπλωμάτων με αντικείμενο την "Πολλαπλή Σκλήρυνση" από το  Αριστοτέλειο Πανεπιστήμιο Θεσσαλονίκης με υποτροφία για τις άριστες επιδόσεις της. Εκπόνησε επίσης με υποτροφία τη διδακτορική της διατριβή στο Εργαστήριο Αναπτυξιακής Ιατρικής και Ειδικής Αγωγής σε συνεργασία με τη Β' Παν/κή Νευρ. Κλ. ΑΧΕΠΑ της Ιατρικής Σχολής Α.Π.Θ. Ολοκλήρωσε την πρώτη μεταδιδακτορική της διατριβή στην Ιατρική σχολή του Α.Π.Θ. στον τομέα Νευροεπιστημών ως υπότροφος του Ι.Κ.Υ. και τη δεύτερη μεταδιδακτορική έρευνα στον τομέα της Ιατρικής & Επιστημών Υγείας Α.Π.Θ. επίσης με αντικείμενο την Πολλαπλή Σκλήρυνση. Επί του παρόντος εκπονεί τρίτη μεταδιδακτορική έρευνα στο Τμήμα της Ιατρικής σχολής του Α.Π.Θ. Συμμετείχε ως επιστημονική συνεργάτης σε ερευνητικά προγράμματα, υλοποιημένα από το Τμήμα της Ιατρικής σχολής του Α.Π.Θ., ενώ παράλληλα υπηρετεί στην Α' Παν/κή Νευρ. Κλ. ΑΧΕΠΑ και είναι Επιστημονική Συνεργάτης της Ελληνικής Εταιρείας Νόσου Alzheimer & Συγγενών Διαταραχών - Alzheimer Hellas . Έχει παρουσιάσει το ερευνητικό της έργο σε πολυάριθμα επιστημονικά συνέδρια, επιμορφωτικά σεμινάρια και εκδηλώσεις ακαδημαϊκού και μη ενδιαφέροντος ενώ έχει δημοσιεύσεις σε Ελληνικά  και σε διεθνή peer-reviewed περιοδικά. Διετέλεσε εκπαιδευτικός Eιδικής Φυσικής Αγωγής στην Α/θμια & Β/θμια Δημόσια Εκπαίδευση (Σ.Μ.Ε.Α.Ε.) από το 2004 καθώς και στη μεταλυκειακή εκπαίδευση Δημοσίων ΙΕΚ, ενώ καινοτόμησε ως Υπεύθυνη Επιστημονικού Σχεδιασμού Προγραμμάτων Άσκησης Α.μεΑ. του Πανεπιστημιακού Γυμναστηρίου του Α.Π.Θ. Τέλος ειναι διοικητικό μέλος της ΕΕΣΚΠ ενώ έχει υπάρξει ενεργό μέλος και εκπρόσωπος-πρέσβειρα για την Πολλαπλή Σκλήρυνση στη European Multiple Sclerosis Platform (Ε.M.S.P.) της Ελλάδος σε θέματα που αφορούν την Αποκατάσταση.


Life coaching

Healthy life coaching

Strategic exercise planning 

Multidisciplinary exercise approach

Stress relieving exercise planning

 Anti-Fatigue exercise routine

Exercise Rehabilitation expertise

Medical Exercise

Exercise prescription

Injury prevention

Clinical Pilates

Halliwick Method - Hydrotherapy

Pre/Postnatal Fitness Instructor

Lifestyle assessments

Aerobic fitness

TRX instructor - Suspension training

Therapeutic Exercise


Adapted physical education


Strength training

Sport Science

Special Education - Teaching

Clinical research

Public speaking

Health care

Sports Medicine

Neurology - Neuroscience

Neurodegenerative Diseases

Work Experience

2010 - Present

1st Neurology Department in University General Hospital of Thessaloniki AHEPA / AUTh.


2009 - 2012

Laboratory of Developmental Medicine & Special Education TEFAA AUTh. Professor - Director: Aggelopoulou-Sakadami Nikoletta, MD

2011 - 2014

1st High School Pylaia - Thessaloniki of Vocational Education and Training for children with disabilities


2012 - 2013

1st Public Institute of Vocational Training "Dimokritos" Thessaloniki/Health Care Section: Physiotherapist Assistant (http://1iek

2010 - Present

Greek Multiple Sclerosis Society     

2012 - 2014

Aristotle University Sports Centre (

2013 - 2014

Athletic department Municipality of Kordelio – Evosmos Thessaloniki


6th Special Elementary School for children with autism & Cerebral palsy Thessaloniki

2004 - 2006

1st Special Elementary School for children with neurological disorders “Papafeio” - Thessaloniki

2012 - 2015

"Disabled but Equal" & Bocce Special Olympics Hellas., Aristotle University Sports Centre of Thessaloniki & Auth Campus

2000 - 2004

Special-Adapted Physical Education - Exercise Rehabilitation Municipality of Serres, Greece

2000 - 2003

Special Olympics Hellas at K.A.A.M.E.A. Serres Greece

1999 - 2004

“Panserraikos F.C.” Serres Greece

2000 - 2001

Private Swim Club, Sidirokastro Serres


2016 - 2018

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Post-Doc / Neuroscience & Rehabilitation Medical School, Aristotle University Thessaloniki - State Scholarships Foundation (IKY) 2016- 2018.

P.D. Thesis: Interventional and targeted rehabilitation program for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) patients promoting and improving the biological components: Physical Functional Status, Balance, Walking ability, Fatigue, Spasticity, Body Mass Index, Body fat and Quality of life.

2015- 2016

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Post-Doc / Neuroscience & Rehabilitation Medical School, Aristotle University Thessaloniki -

P.D. Thesis: "Physical Activity and Quality of Life: Aerobic exercise , balance, ability, gait, fatigue and spasticity in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis. Neuroscience & Rehabilitation Medical School, Aristotle University Thessaloniki.


Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY (Ph.D.), Neurology - Medical School - Ph.D. Thesis: "Physical Activity and Quality of Life in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis (Case Studies)".


Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

MASTER OF SCIENCE (M.Sc.), Health and Human Performance. - M.Sc. Thesis: "Investigating the connection between motor asymmetry and laterality of Hemispheric lesion distribution in multiple sclerosis patients".


Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

MASTER OF SCIENCE (M.Sc.), Special-Adapted Physical Education for Special Populations – M.Sc. Thesis: "The effect of hydrotherapy program on the walking capacity of a female patient with multiple sclerosis".


Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

(B.Sc.) Bachelor of Science degree - School of Physical Education And Sports Science.


Educate MS patients and Patients with Neurodegenerative Diseases in healthy lifestyle changes and proper, exercise techniques with presentations and open discussion.

Create and implement exercise programs not only for new diagnosed patients with open access to official web -blog.

Assist patients with exercise equipment and proper formation during home exercise.

Instruct patients how to perform exercises with proper form and collect a data/uploaded in a YouTube channel etc.

Inform and ensure that medical clearances are given before fitness instruction begins, and the quantitative baseline and periodic outcome measures are captured and recorded to ascertain the effectiveness of the fitness program.

Provide guidance and motivation to Patients with Neurodegenerative Diseases and assist in discharge planning.

Report the event and help for Patients with Neurodegenerative Diseases awareness.                                                               

Everybody must know that:                                                                 

  • Exercise can help Slow Neurodegenerative Disease Down.                                                                     

  • Don’t underestimate the effects of exercise as medicine.                       

  • Start to exercise as soon as possible after receiving your diagnosis, this is the greatest gift to your future self by minimising the disease progression.                   

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