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Inter-Active living for Mental Health - “InALMH ”





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The Inter-Active Living for Mental Health (InALMH) project aims

to contribute towards the development of an upgrated Policy Framework in the form of Recommendations for EU Guidelines for the use of Sport/PE on Mental Health and to create an Interactive Platform (IP) for the collection, the organisation and the dissemination of information concerning the PE Practices providing free access to all interested parties and individuals together with the enhancement for the development of new practices. The IP is a structured WEB space that includes - a Digital Library where the evolutions and updates related to the wider area of Active Living for Mental Health would be hosted and communicated - an innovative Practices' Generator Tool (IT application) in order to enhance and promote the actual use of Sport and Physical Exercise for the benefit of the Mental Health by generating new customised practices. - a User’s Online Forum for the mobilization and participatory involvement of professionals and stakeholders of the two fields.


1. Data collection on the existing policy background – List of policies

2. Drafting Recommendations on EU Guidelines

3. Data collection of ALMH practices – List of practices

4. Interactive Platform in 5 Linguistic Versions

TARGET GROUPS The target groups of InALMH are - Sport/PE and Mental Health professionals - Sport/PE entities of all sectors - Mental Health organisations and services providers - EU institutions and networks - State and Local authorities / services - Educational Institutions - General public


ENALMH - Coordinator

University of Thessaly – Trikala,

Greece National & Kapodistrian University of Athens– Athens Greece

Associazione per la Ricerca sulla Salute Mentale e Fisica dell'Anziano (ARISMA) - Bologna, Italy

FOKUS CR- Prague,

Czech Republic Instituto Politécnico do Porto,Health School - Porto, Portugal

Merseyside Expanded Horizons - Liverpool, United Kingdom

Greek Association of Alzheimer - Thessaloniki,

Greece Mental Health Europe, EU Network – Brussels, Belgium

Sport & Citizenship, EU Think Tank - Paris, France

GAMIAN Europe, Global Alliance - Brussels, Belgium.

EVERTON in the community - Liverpool, United Kingdom

Hippocrates, considered the father of Medicine, is possibly the first physician to recognize physical exercise’s value on preventing sickness and promoting health. He wrote: “All parts of the body, if used in moderation and exercised in labors to which each is accustomed, become thereby healthy ...

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